Overhead Handling of Materials in Industrial Environment

Material handling is one of the key phenomena in any industrial environment. The mechanical device to be adopted for such handling depends upon a number of factors such as weight of the materials, distance to be handled, frequency and repetitiveness of handling, economy of time and cost, safety and the process of manufacturing. An environment of high degrees of temperature and distancing away from such environment is another aspect that necessitates handling of materials through overhead cranes. There are a number of major industrial segments that depend upon the deployment of Overhead cranes. They are Paper Mills, Steel Plants, Sugar Mills, Cement Plants, Chemical Sector and Railways.

An overhead crane, also called a bridge crane operating over the working environment, runs horizontally over two parallel runways coupled to a traveling bridge. The lifting component, hoist travels along the bridge to lift materials. It covers varying span, depending upon the various processes involved in manufacturing. The basic objective of using overhead crane is to keep the hazardous elements such as heat, acidity, combustibility, distanced from the work force. For example, in a galvanizing unit, heavy structural materials are required to be dipped into a number of tanks for the performance of sequential processes such as acid tank for pickling, water tank for rinsing, chemical tank for fluxing and molten zinc tank for galvanizing. Similarly, in a steel plant, overhead crane does operations like feeding of raw materials to a furnace, storing for cooling, lifting and loading of finished coils onto trucks and trains.

There are a number of established and leading industrial units in India who manufacture and export overhead traveling cranes and material handling equipments. If you are running any of the process type industries, you may find your requirement from a wide range of products such as industrial cranes, double girder overhead traveling cranes, industrial cranes, automated cranes and special purpose lifting equipment. You can easily get the spare parts and critical components to keep your cranes free of long breakdown. Before deciding to buy any of the overhead material handling equipments, you need to verify if the manufacturer is certified for ISO 9001:2000, 14001:2004 an 18001:2007 so that you are automatically assured of the quality of the equipments that you are going to install.

Besides the equipment, you can find a number of services such as overhauling, erection, commissioning, installation, rail alignment, re-rating and revamping of EOT cranes, conversion of DC to AC Controls, automation of cranes, refurbishing of crane gearboxes. The manufacturer of EOT crane you select should be well-resourced with regard to Man-Material-Machinery-Money-Management. You should get your specific requirement fulfilled along with timely delivery and after sale services. If you are going in for a new engineering project, you may like to avail consultancy services with regard to designing, raw materials, specifications and dimensions of the machines that would suit to your project. You can avail services on turnkey basis covering every aspect of a project such as conceptualization, designing, fabrication, installation, commissioning and first trial run.

The “Bridge Job” Strategy – Making Money While You’re in Career Transition

If you’re out of work now, what part-time or flexible work can you do to fill the gap until you land the job you want? If you’re fully-employed but concerned about losing your job, what sort of opportunities could you pursue to earn additional income, should the need arise? The “Bridge Job Strategy” is a pragmatic approach to carry you through a difficult employment or financial period. Here are some interim options, where you can find work and earn money while continuing to search for the job you really want:

Part-time or temporary job (retail stores, restaurants, business services, administrative, etc.). Try to find a position in a field you genuinely like. If you enjoy shopping or love the products of a particular store, consider working in retail. If you have a passion for cooking or are knowledgeable about food, you might want to be a prep chef at a favorite restaurant. If you have connections at business service organizations and can add value to their operations, try working at a company where your managerial contributions would be valued. Contact several temp agencies, or go visit businesses in which you have an interest.

Teaching or substitute teaching (public or private schools, colleges and universities, technical or vocational programs, etc.). The education that helped get you started in your career is still valuable. If you’ve been in the workforce for a while, you’ve no doubt gained skills to enhance your credibility. These qualifications are often valued by schools and colleges. Experienced professionals are sought after to teach classes and bring a real-world perspective to their students. Contact the administration office of your local school system or the employment office of universities and vocational programs in your area.

Consulting or contract assignments (business operations, computer/technology, creative/advertising, etc). Even before the economy and job market went sour, the work world had changed. A growing percentage of the workforce had already moved into flexible assignments as consultants or contractors. If you have a background in one of the fields that naturally lend themselves to this work style, try to get consulting or contract work. It can be interesting, challenging work, and it can also be lucrative. In some cases, these consulting or contract assignments turn into full-time job offers, after the company gets to know you. Contact outsourcing and contract employment firms in the fields that interest you.

Work for family or friends (retail stores, services, small manufacturing operations, and every other type of business). Do you have relatives or friends who own or run businesses? Would you be comfortable working with them? In tough times, it is important to put your pride aside and ask for help. But in this case, the help would be mutual. Your friend or relative would be the lucky recipient of your services, and you would be gainfully employed, working for someone you already know and like. Contact every friend, relative, or acquaintance who owns or runs a business, and ask about their needs and challenges.

Home-based work (administrative, sales, computer work, creative assignments, bookkeeping, personal services, etc.). With the advent of the Internet and computer technology, it is easier than ever to do real work from home. Some of this work can be enjoyable and lucrative. There is no longer a stigma about working from home, and in fact, you may find that the flexible, independent lifestyle suits you. From copy writing to doing proposals to preparing tax returns, there’s no limit to the options. Ask yourself what skills you have, and offer your services to appropriate companies and families in your area. Contact everyone in your network to offer your services, and ask for referrals after your work has been satisfactorily completed.

Odd jobs (handyman, construction, painting, sewing, moving and hauling, yard work, plowing, etc.). Are you handy around the house? Do you own special equipment or tools? Do you have trade skills that you could offer to other people in your town? There is always a need for reliable, professional help in these disciplines. If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, you can earn good money providing these much-needed services to organizations and individuals.

One of my senior executive clients worked in a retail store for many months after he was laid-off. The money wasn’t great, but it was enough to help pay his family’s bills. Having this part-time job also gave my client a sense of pride, because he was doing what he could to provide for his family, and he was making a contribution in the world of work. He also enjoyed meeting new people and even doing a bit of networking with customers.

The retail job gave my client the flexibility he needed to continue searching for the job he really wanted. A key point to understand is that my client never confused the means with the ends. He kept his focus on finding the “real job,” and he eventually secured an excellent opportunity with more responsibility and higher compensation than he’d had at his last professional job.

In this case, my client’s positive attitude allowed him to reach his goal through a two-step plan. By taking a part-time, flexible job, he did what he needed to do to ultimately get the position he really wanted.

This fellow didn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed working in a position that was “beneath him.” He saw the “Bridge Job Strategy” as a practical necessity, and it worked very well for him. In fact, when he reflects back on his temporary job at the store, he smiles and describes it as a great learning experience!

Tourist Survives Bungee Fall Into Zambezi

On New Years Eve, 2011, young Australian girl visiting Victoria Falls decided, like many thousands of intrepid adventurers before her, that bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge was a once in a lifetime opportunity not to missed. Unfortunately she got more adventure and adrenalin than she bargained for, miraculously surviving a live-threatening accident.

As Erin Langworthy (22) prepared for her 111 metre jump, with friends watching in support, no-one could have predicted the incredible series of events which would follow. The rush of adrenalin as she stepped off the bridge and dropped down into the gorge below must have turned to horror as, at the limit of the jump, just as the bungee cord had stretched to its maximum length and was beginning to recoil, the cord amazingly snapped, plunging the plucky adventurer into the Zambezi river below, the fast current quickly taking her downstream towards the fearsome rapids for which the river is renowned.

Showing incredible presence of mind and physical determination, Ms Langworthy managed to swim to the south bank of the river, no mean achievement considering her feet were still tied together and attached to a significant length of heavy bungee cord. At one point she even had to dive down to untangle the cord, which had become trapped between rocks, and she managed to safely get herself to the shore. Luckily the speed of her fall had been cushioned somewhat by the bungee cord before it broke, and her drop into the river below was only about 30-40m, and she amazingly sustained only relatively minor internal injuries.

Ms Langworthy was taken to an emergency medical facility in Victoria Falls and later flown to Johannesburg, where she spent a week in hospital recovering from her injuries before being allowed to return home to Australia. Video footage of her amazing ordeal was shown in TV interviews in Australia, and soon became an internet sensation, with over 1,000,000 people watching the video of her jump on YouTube within 24 hours of it being posted, and her story being shown on news channels across the world. Never missing the opportunity to sensationalise a story, the rapids of the Zambezi quickly became reported around the world as ‘crocodile infested’, when there are in fact very few, if any, crocodiles in this section of the river!

The Victoria Falls Bungee has been operating, without prior incident, for 17 years and has conducted over 150,000 jumps. It is one of the most popular adrenalin activities in Victoria Falls, which has a reputation for outstanding adventure activities, including the famous white-water rafting below the Falls. Like any commercial bungee jump, the operation is run to strict safety levels, with well trained staff in close attendance, rigorous safety procedures and regular checks on equipment.

Following the incident, the bungee operation suspended operations whilst independent safety experts assessed the causes of the accident. The internationally qualified safety auditors who audited and inspected the operations system and equipment concluded that safety procedures and equipment complied with international industry adopted bungee jumping standards.

Working together with the safety auditors the Victoria Falls Bungee company have introduced new procedures to improve these safety standards. With particular regard to the management and handling of bungee cords, a safety auditor expressed the opinion that the standards now employed are unparalleled in the industry, and in all probability industry leading.

The broken bungee cord was sent for forensic analysis and testing by a team of experts based in South Africa, led by two Professors of Structural Engineering. In their investigations the team, amongst other things, concluded that the batch of rubber used in the manufacture of the failed bungee cord was not as strong as it should have been.

Following this analysis, the Victoria Falls Bungee operation has adopted newer rubber cords which are now stronger than recommended by the ‘Code of Practice for Bungee Jumping’. To ensure the strength and integrity rubber samples from future cords will be tested before being put into service. In addition thorough regular inspections and load-testing of the bungee cords will take place to confirm their strength and bi-annual independent safety audits of equipment and procedures will continue.

A company representative said: “The incident was a huge shock to us and thank God that Erin was not more seriously hurt, her courage and presence of mind was amazing. Since the incident we have revisited every part of the bungee safety system and implemented a number of new tests and inspections which will minimise the chances of this happening again. As a result we can say with some confidence that there has never been a better or safer time to bungee jump at Victoria Falls”.

The Victoria Fall Bungee remains as one of the most incredible, and safest, locations in the world in which to undertake this activity. In a show of support for the operation and its safety, Zambian Tourism minister Given Lubinda subsequently bungeed off the bridge, whilst taking the opportunity of wishing Ms Langworthy a swift recovery and inviting her to return soon to Zambia and continue her holiday. He even offered to Bungee jump with her, but it is not known if Ms Langworthy is keen to try the jump a second time.